• Fast Rural Broaband

    Finally, a way to get high speed rural broadband without breaking the bank

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  • High-Speed Fixed Wireless Internet

    Using state-of-the-art wireless transmitters we can beam fast internet straight to your property

  • Wide Area Coverage

    Check our coverage plots to see if you too could get the service

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Our service is providing fast broadband to villages and communities around Crabtree Hall Business Centre. Businesses at Crabtree Hall now enjoy a fibre optic broadband connection and we have installed the infrastructure enabling us to deliver the same standard of service to the local area. The broadband connection will initially deliver up to 30mb using wireless fibre technology from an aerial at Crabtree Hall Business Centre and other vantage points around the area.


  • No Limits

    We don't want you to run out of data - so we don't put a limit on what you can use!
  • VOIP Telephone Service

    We also offer a VOIP telephone service that lets you keep your existing phone number
  • No phone line required

    Our service doesn't need to use the old and aged copper wires coming to your property so you don't need to pay a line rental
  • Great Upload Speeds

    We offer a synchronised download/upload so that whatever you're doing it's fast.
  • Low Contention

    Due to the way we provision our services we are able to offer either the same or lower contention than competing services
  • Fast and Reliable

    The way we provide our connections means you can rely on a fast and stable internet service.
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